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Please allow a few days from the moment we receive your order. Although we do our best to maintain stock, we might need some time to work on your piece (hopefully less than a week). 

We usually ship with UPS Standard (continental Europe) and UPS Express Saver (rest of the world). In some cases, such as those in areas UPS considers "remote," we use national postal services. In such instances, we will notify you of your tracking number via email; otherwise, you will receive an email directly from the carrier. Please check your spam folder if you don't see any notifications. If you have any doubts or don't receive UPS notifications, please contact us within a few days of placing your order (don't wait a whole week or more!), and we will forward you the carrier's email with tracking information.

Shipping is a service we purchase from a shipping company (generally UPS, as it has been the most reliable so far) on your behalf. We do not have our own shipping department; we are a small business, not Amazon! We do not have warehouses in every country, and delivery times, among other things, might depend on the country from which we are shipping.

We are often on the road, and this section of our website is not always updated with our actual operational location. So, if you are interested in knowing (perhaps for a more specific idea of shipping time or because you would rather your parcels being sent from the same continent to avoid customs papers/fees), please ask us before placing your order at You can also use our website chat; if we are not online, we will reply via email or you will see our reply next time you log in (in case you didn't leave your email address). Instagram is also a good way to get in touch: @ttt.theterriblet.

When shipping from Germany (usually, but not always, from May/June until October/November), besides UPS, you can choose to have your parcel shipped to a Hermes PaketShop in your area. Just fill in your address, and we will choose the closest option. If you would like your parcel to be shipped to a specific Hermes PaketShop of your choice (for example, one close to your work instead of your home), please write a note when you check out.

When shipping from Germany to Berlin, we only offer a pickup service at Hermes PaketShops. If you would like your parcel to be shipped to a Hermes PaketShop of your choice (for example, one close to your work instead of your home), please write a note when you check out.




If you provide incorrect or incomplete shipping information (name, last name, street, house number, area code, nation of destination...yes, some of you managed to do that too!), we will not be responsible for missing parcels. Please provide us with the correct email and your phone number so that our shipping carriers can send you the tracking number and, if necessary, call you if they cannot find an address. Again, we are not responsible for undelivered parcels if you provide us with the wrong shipping information! Be Terrible... but not THAT TERRIBLE;)

We ask the carrier to confirm delivery by collecting a signature. If you decide to have your parcel delivered to your home address but are rarely there and do not trust your flatmate(s) or neighbor(s), please ask for the parcel to be sent to your local UPS access point or (for Germany) your local Hermes PaketShop.

If you decide to have your parcel shipped to a commercial space (shop, office, restaurant, etc., where you work) and someone else receives the parcel on your behalf (giving your or their name), we consider the parcel as DELIVERED, even if it's not yet in your hands. Please make sure you can trust your co-workers!

We care about each and every shipment: our work is not over until your favorite piece of jewelry has been delivered! If we cannot reach you via email or phone number, we will try to contact you via private channels (such as your social media, if we manage to find you) solely to resolve shipment issues. We care about your privacy and only share your data with our shipping couriers.

ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME (not guaranteed!):*

  • EU COUNTRIES: about 3-4 working days

  • SWITZERLAND/UK: 6-7 working days


  • REST OF THE WORLD: 7-15 working days

*Delivery time also depends on local festivities (shipping carrier might not operate on certain days), customs clearance (for non-EU countries) and other exceptional events, so please be patient. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but you are not waiting for life-saving medications!

When on the road (often living and working in remote areas), we tend to ship only once or twice a week to optimize time and costs. We drive and drop your parcel off with the chosen shipping carrier; it would be neither efficient nor environmentally friendly to do so for just one parcel.


We generally ship from continental Europe (mostly Germany). 

- EU: between 8/18€ depending on your Country. You can simulate a purchase to get a precise quote. 

- Extra-EU: between 18/56€ depending on your Country. You can simulate a purchase to get a precise quote. 


For deliveries to Non-EU-countries, additional customs fees may occur. In this case, the customer is responsible for any customs duties charged by his home country. Be aware that in most countries duties are payable on the total value of the shipment which includes the goods and the shipping costs. 

TAXES (VAT): all our product prices include 19% German VAT. 

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