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TTT Ultrablack - nappa leather

TTT Ultrablack - nappa leather


T-shaped pendant (65 mm wide and 70 mm long) composed of 6 mm diameter nickel free metal pipes treated with a special coat for a shiny black finish. The pendant is mounted on a 110cm long and 2,5cm thick nappa leather cord (stitched), best quality! Actual length of the necklace when worn about 85cm (it lays in the middle of the chest).



  • Jewelry caring

    Daily wear can cause your jewellery, therefore we recommend a bit of caution and DIY.

    • The "ultrablack" effect of this piece of jewellery is obtained by electrodeposition: a thin layer of ruthenium is deposited onto a brass surface through the use of an electrical current. As with all platinum-group metals, ruthenium is chemically inert, which means it will not react with chemicals in the atmosphere and won’t change color. Please do NOT try to polish this material as you might only end up scratching it! Simply use a soft cloth to remove excessive sweat or stains. 
    • Clean the inside of the pipes with a wet cotton bud. Use a dry one soon afterwards.

    This top quality nappa leather doesn't need much care.

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