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TTT silver Demi-moon / leather

TTT silver Demi-moon / leather


T-shaped silver pendant (65 mm wide and 70 mm long) composed of sterling silver pipes (6 mm diameter) with some neat decorations on the extremities (see pictures). The pendant has been dipped in a darkening solution - its dark patina will slowly fade away and reveal the original silver color. This patina is obtained by hand and will look slightly different on each piece. Our products are handmade and therefore each piece is unique!

The pendant is attached to an about 100cm long stitched nappa leather cord. Length of the cord when worn: about 80cm.

  • Jewelry caring

    Daily wear can cause a gradual dulling of metals, therefore we recommend a bit of caution and DIY:

    • Sterling silver naturally tarnishes with regular exposure to air, perfumes, lotions and perspiration, and it's also susceptible to damage by chlorine and salt. Avoid wearing silver jewellery when using chlorine or bleach, or while in a pool or hot tub.
    • As regards the cord: this top quality nappa leather doesn't need much care. 
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