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TTT AB special / nappa

TTT AB special / nappa


T-shaped pendant (65 mm wide and 70 mm long) composed of brass pipes (6 mm diameter) treated with a special coat for an "antique look". The top part of the vertical pipe is decorated with an extra element, as shown in pictures.

The pendant is mounted on a 110cm long stitched nappa cord (black). Length of the necklace when worn: about 85cm.

  • Jewelry caring

    As regards the pendant:

    • you shouldn't try and polish it item as you would end up removing the antique brass effect.
    • keep the inside of the pipes clean by using first a wet cotton bud, then a dry one soon afterwards. Remember that metals don't like moist, so try and keep your jewelry always nice and dry!

    This is top quality leather cord doesn't need much care.

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