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Tiny T Totem / leather

Tiny T Totem / leather


T-shaped brass pendant (50 mm wide and 60 mm long) composed of brass pipes (6 mm diameter) treated with a special coat for an antique rose gold/copper finish. The pendant is attached to an about 110 cm long stitched nappa leather cord (black). Total length of the pendant when worn: approximately 90cm.

  • Jewelry caring

    This item doesn't need much care:

    • Don't try and polish it as you would end up removing the antique rose gold/copper layer.
    • keep the inside of the pipes clean by using a wet cotton bud first, then a dry one soon afterwards. Remember that metals don't like moist, so try and keep your jewelry always nice and dry! 
    • leather is a natural material that with time and sweat might deteriorate. Try to keep your nappa leather clean (remove the sweat with a dry cloth). Every now and then you might want to use a conditioner that contain fats and natural oils.
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