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TTT ultrablack / chain

TTT ultrablack / chain


T-shaped pendant (65 mm wide and 70 mm long) composed of 6 mm diameter nickel free metal pipes treated with a special coat for a shiny black finish. The pendant is mounted on a 95 cm long chain, same color.


Our chains (like all the other materials we use for our jewelry) are nickel free and therefore they should not cause allergic reactions. Still, if you have a particularly sensitive skin, you might want to opt for the nappa/leather cord version of this pendant.

  • Jewelry Caring

    Daily wear can cause your jewellery, therefore we recommend a bit of caution and DIY.

    • The "ultrablack" effect of this piece of jewellery is obtained by electrodeposition: a thin layer of ruthenium is deposited onto a brass surface through the use of an electrical current. As with all platinum-group metals, ruthenium is chemically inert, which means it will not react with chemicals in the atmosphere and won’t change color. Please do NOT try to polish this material as you might only end up scratching it! Simply use a soft cloth to remove excessive sweat or stains. 
    • Clean the inside of the pipes with a wet cotton bud. Use a dry one soon afterwards.
    • The chain doesn't require much care. Don't pull it or you might end up breaking it. Do not try to polish it or you'd end up removing the "ultrablack" layer. 
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