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Tiny T brass / chain

Tiny T brass / chain


T-shaped brass pendant (50 mm wide and 60 mm long) composed of brass pipes (6 mm diameter) and attached to an about 90 cm long chain. The whole necklace has been treated with a special coat for an antique brass look.


Our chains (like all the other materials we use for our jewelry) are nickel free and therefore they should not cause allergic reactions. Still, if you have a particularly sensitive skin, you might want to opt for the leather cord version of this pendant.

  • Jewelry caring

    This pendant doesn't really require much care:

    • you shouldn't try and polish this item as you would end up removing the antique brass effect.
    • keep the inside of the pipes clean by using first a wet cotton bud, then a dry one soon afterwards. Remember that metals don't like moist, so try and keep your jewelry always nice and dry! 

    As regards the CHAIN (which is obviously more in contact with the neck area), it will tarnish at some point. How dark your chain will turn (and how fast it will take to do so), doesn't depend on the quality of the chain, but on the composition of your own sweat (how acidic it is) and on the fact that you might or might not use perfumes and other chemicals.

    • Try and keep your chain nice and "as new" by rubbing it with the rough side of a washing up sponge: this will help remove the dark and greasy patina formed by sweat in contact with metal. Just do it until you remove the patina, not the antique silver layer (or you will end up revealing the color of the brass underneath it).
    • Use some white vinegar or some dish detergent (obviously this latter with water) to get rid of the "pulverized patina". Again: remember that metals don't like moist, so dry carefully soon after.
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