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Clubber-pro trigon

Clubber-pro trigon


T-shaped pendant (70 mm wide and 78 mm long) composed of two sterling silver round pipes (diameter 7 mm) and a square one. The pendant is decorated with two bullet studs and comes with a 95cm long, 3,7mm thick venetian box chain which can be removed. The top side of the pipe is decorated with a triangoular garnet, as shown in pictures. A TTT branded clasp closes and decorates the chain. 100% sterling silver.


Note: both length and diameter of the pipes are bigger compared to those of a "classic" The Terrible T (diameter is 7mm instead of the usual 6mm). 

  • Jewelry caring

    Daily wear can cause a gradual dulling of metals, therefore we recommend a bit of caution and DIY.

    • For chain and pendant, use any silver polish you find in commerce. Do not use such products on the gemstone!
    • It is normal to see some scratches after you have been wearing your silver jewelry - this only makes it look even sexier!
    • Clean the inside of the pipes with a wet cotton bud. Use a dry one soon afterwards.
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