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T-shaped pendant (70 mm wide and 78 mm long) composed of two sterling silver round pipes (diameter 7 mm) and a square one. The top part of the pendant is decorated with two bullet studs and comes with a 95cm long, 3,7mm thick venetian box chain which can be removed. A TTT branded clasp closes and decorates the chain. 100% oxidised sterling silver.


Note: both length and diameter of the pipes are bigger compared to those of a "classic" The Terrible T (diameter is 7mm instead of the usual 6mm). 

  • Jewelry caring

    This tone of silver is achieved by oxidation and is not permanent. With time and wear, the oxidized finish will polish off and the true color of the silver will shine through: your jewelry will look "antique". To keep the black look as long as possible, don't try to polish your jewelry (remember that it's normal to see some scratches after you have been wearing it).

    • If you would like to go back to a pure black effect, you can use liver of sulfur. Follow the instructions on the label!
    • To clean the inside of the pipes first use a wet cotton bud, then a dry one soon afterwards. Remember that metals don't like water!
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