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TTT cracked gold mala

TTT cracked gold mala


T-shaped pendant (65 mm wide and 70 mm long) composed of brass pipes (6

mm diameter) treated with a special coat for an antique (“cracked”) gold finish.

The pendant is mounted on an about 82cm long mala style necklace made of 107 black onyx beads (mostly shiny towards the pendant, matte on the sides and and behind the neck). Diameter of the beads: between 4 and 8mm.

The mala is embellished with several spacers (shiny and matte) and some loose chains, plus a branded spacer behind the neck. Material: gold plated brass (shiny and matte).

  • Jewelry caring

    Daily wear can damage your jewlery, therefore we recommend a bit of caution and DIY:

    • Do not try to polish the pendant or you will end up removing its coat.
    • You can clean the inside of the pipes with a wet cotton bud. Use a dry one soon aferwards!
    • We use best quality waxed thread to bead our mala style necklaces - still, please avoid pulling it to prevent damage. Every now and then you might want to wash the mala with soap and water (rinse well!) to remove eccess of sweat.
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