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EGO choker

EGO choker


Silver plated choker consisting of a graduated chain and a toggle clasp. The clasp includes a branded loop and a 6cm long/6mm diameter pipe. The pipe has been embellished with two extra elements for an optical "swirl effect". For this piece we chose the maximum thickness of silver (10 micron) so your jewelry will always stay nice and the silver plating won't fade away. Base material: brass.


Length of the chain (options):

- 41 cm (average woman's size)

- 44 cm (average man's zize)


*Please contact us for customized lengths: you'd normally need to measure your neck circumference (cm) and calculate another 4-5cm extra chain for the chocker to fit comfortably and for you to be able to open/close the toggle clasp with no effort.


* Should the choker be too long, you can remove one or more links of the chain with two smooth (non dented) pliers. Only the smaller links are soldered and therefore need to be cut in ordere to be removed; the other links are open.


  • Jewelry caring

    This is a brass-based silver-plated piece of jewelry. Please do not wear in sauna or pool.

    It is normal for silver to get slightly darker with usage (that's actually when it looks at its best:) - if you would like to bring the color back to a lighter tone, you can dip the chocker it in a solution of white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate for about a minute. Wash away with dish soap and water. Rinse well and dry soon after.  Avoid polishing the cocker or you'd risk to remove its precious silver layer.

    You can clean the inside of the pipe with a wet cotton bud. Use a dry one soon aferwards.

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